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Religious Education for Our Children

Dear Parents or Guardians! Thank you very much for all that you do! Being a parent requires tons of self-sacrifices to teach your children in the faith you believe.   As Catholics we have an obligation to hand on the Catholic faith to our children and they will grow up Catholic.
In times past, parents often believed that it was the job of the parish to “teach their child about religion.” But today we know that if a child has any chance at all of growing up with faith, then it is because of the parents.  Helping your child grow up Catholic is part of the great work of being a Catholic parent.

The Church is available to collaborate with parents in forming our children Catholic.

We are an organization of Religious Education for all school age children.  All children that need to begin their instructions into the faith need to attend. The program is being schedule for September 2014.  We need to start registration as soon as possible. Registration forma are available for both English and Spanish programs. Parents/guardians are responsible to have their children attend on Sundays.

We are very grateful to our present religious teachers/Catechists: Mary Jo Fan, Terrie Bryant, Alma Ochoa, Lorena Cruz, and Sister Ana Gema. We are also inviting anyone who will be available to teach children. Please contact father Bulala for more information

Senior Bingo – The senior citizens of Lane invite any senior citizen to join them every first and third Tuesday at Lane Recreation Center on Broomstraw Rd. for “Senior Bingo.”